10 reasons why you should NOT get a divorce

10 reasons why you should NOT get a divorce

I think the average couple in today’s world has thought about divorce at least once during their marriage. For some, divorce is a constant threat. For others, divorce feels like their only hope. Whether you have thought about divorce once or you think about it every day, this article gives ten good reasons not to divorce.

I start with the disclaimer that both my husband and I are divorced. But for both us, we did not choose it. Our spouses chose it and we had to live with it. If your partner chooses to end the marriage, you cannot force them to stay married.

One more disclaimer. If a partner is any of the following, I believe divorce is justified:

  1. Adulterous
  2. Abusive
  3. Addictive
  4. Abandoning

In other words, if they are cheating on you, hitting, or putting you down, an alcoholic or drug addict, or has left you for someone else, this article does not apply to you.

If the preceding reasons do not apply, however, I present you with ten reasons not to divorce.

  1. The Kids

The first reason is something we all know about and we all consider: the kids. Should you stay married for the children? Well, at least think about how it will affect them. You might get over it in time. They never will.

They will never get over the loss of their family, and their lives will never be the same. Never. When mom and dad start living separate lives, a child’s world is never the same and they must navigate a new reality. For that boy or girl, the fairy tale is officially over. Yes, kids do “move on,” but they are affected by it forever.  Read more 


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