Life lessons to learn in your twenties

Life lessons to learn in your twenties

Are your twenties prime time to postpone worrying, kick back with a margarita and just enjoy life? Or are there ‘harsh’ life lessons you simply must experience before you reach 30 to be successful?

BBC Capital went to question and answer site Quora to find out the most difficult lessons it might be best to learn young.

The internet of non-friends

Quora user Max Lukominskyi, chief marketing officer at Sliceplanner, suggested it’s crucial to learn that “online friends are fake friends,” he wrote. “Unfortunately, yes. Most of them do not care about you and will not come in your hour of need.” He wrote that experience and emotions will end up as your “best investments”, adding that traditional measures of success  —  fancy cars and houses  —  are no longer  relevant.

If you let them see you sweat

Charita Johnson wrote that it’s important to know your own weaknesses. Better to do it young  because you will learn the world will be “quick to try to exploit them”.

Give up on shortcuts

“There are no magic lifehacks to become successful overnight,” wrote Yuri Kruman. “You have to hustle constantly, sell yourself to everyone you meet, tell a good story and always know how to get your point across to every audience.” Read more 


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