Why you should quit taking fizzy drinks

Why you should quit taking fizzy drinks

Earlier in the year, scientists issued a warning over fizzy drinks, claiming that they cause a death toll of 184,000 adults every year.

But this is not the first time they have been put under the spotlight. Full of sugar, chemicals and (usually) with zero nutritional value, fizzy drinks are something that we have been warned against on countless occasions, even if they do look appealing when the sun comes out.

And it’s not just the ‘full-fat’ versions. Diet fizzy drinks can also have extremely harmful effects.

Here are 11 reasons to try and quit your fizzy drink habit.

  1. They can increase our risk of cancer

There have been many studies that have looked at the links between various types of cancer and fizzy drink consumption. They suggest:

  1. They can raise our risk of heart disease

Scientists in America found a strong link between the proportion of daily calories from foods laden with added sugars (like fizzy drinks) and death rates from cardiovascular disease. They claimed that drinking three cans a day could triple our risk of heart disease. Read more 


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