Police rescue ‘two-headed’ snake from smugglers

Police rescue ‘two-headed’ snake from smugglers

India police say they have seized a rare snake, known as a “two-headed” red sand boa, from illegal smugglers.

The red sand boa is a protected species, and looks like it has two heads, because its tail is shaped like its head to help it defend itself.

The snake is prized on the black market because many believe it brings good luck or has medicinal qualities. Police in Bangalore arrested four people trying to sell the protected creature for $1,500 (£1,100). Police said plain clothes officers had organised a sting by pretending to be interested buyers.

‘Good luck charm’

The market for the “two-headed” red sand boas was “basically another form of cheating”, PS Harsha, the local deputy commissioner of police, said.

“It is invariably used to cheat people who have some belief that it will act as good luck charm.” Read more 


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