American wahala! Black teen arrested for reporting stolen car

American wahala! Black teen arrested for reporting stolen car

The latest victim of police brutality against blacks in the US is a mentally-ill man named Alfred Olango. The sister of Alfred had called the police for help because he was having a seizure but the police arrived and killed him.

This has led to protests all over the US, while this is ongoing the US police is still harassing black men.  Mapping Police Violence  says Olango became the 217th black American to be killed by police so far this year.

While people are still trying to make sense of that, a teacher posted on social media yesterday that one of his students, a black teenage boy called the police to report that his car was stolen but when the police arrive they frisk him, ask him if he on any drugs. He tried to explain to him, even showed them where his car was through an app on his phone, but the police were having none of it. He was black so he was guilty of something.  They take him to the station where they take his fingerprints. His mum raised hell before they let him go. Later they found his car exactly where the app said the car was.

We are glad happy, he came out of the ordeal alive.

but really America? What is going on?

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