Ex-nuns fall in love and get married

Ex-nuns fall in love and get married

Two former nuns have married in a civil ceremony after falling in love on their mission.

Federica, from Italy, and Isabel, from South-America met at a rehabilitation centre for drug addicts three years ago and soon fell in love.

But to continue their relationship, the pair had to formally cut ties with the Vatican and Catholic Church and renounce their habit. Three years later, the couple have now married, making them one of the first same-sex couples to enter a civil union in Italy.

Federica and Isabel were due to tie the knot today in a ceremony in Piedmont but had the ceremony yesterday to avoid photographers. They received a blessing from controversial ex-priest Franco Barbero, who also was excommunicated from the church due to his support of gay marriage. Speaking to Italian newspaper La Stampa, Franco said the marriage was ‘like all the love stories in the world.’

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