Jack of all trade plant: act as antibiotic,prevents cancer, asthma

Jack of all trade plant: act as antibiotic,prevents cancer, asthma

Basil is a very powerful plant that acts as an antioxidant agent and also as an antibiotic. It can prevent aging, cancer or even protection from free radicals’ damage.

Basil has beta-carotene in it and that antioxidant turns into vitamin A in our body. That means it prevents the oxidation of the cholesterol and it will also protect blood vessels and your heart.

This plant also prevents asthma, osteoarthritis, and rheumatoid arthritis. Here are some of its numerous health benefits:

Protect the Heart and Blood Vessels

Since it’s full of vitamin B6 and magnesium, basil can protect your heart from heart attacks and improve your cardiovascular system. Lowers the risk of arrhythmia and provides relaxation of the muscles.

Natural Antibiotic

Basil boosts our immunity and it also has antiseptic and antibacterial properties. You can use it to treat numerous bacterial infections.

Basil and Cooking

Basil is the most famous herb in the cooking world. It goes great with a variety of dishes, but you should know to put it at the end of the preparation process in order to preserve its taste.

You can even make a basil tea from it. Just pour some hot water of freshly chopped basil leaves and cover the pot. After 8 minutes, strain and enjoy. Read more 


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