Here’s why you are still single?

Here’s why you are still single?

“Why Am I Still Single” is a question so many people ask themselves but are they truly being honest with the answers?

How really open are people to their friend’s constructive advice? Do they ignore it and repeat the same scenarios without making the slightest change? Listening to friends and family can be a good thing because they love you & want the best for you. They are not saying things for their benefit and are sincerely trying to save you from some of the relationship drama they see you allowing into your life.

You may be sabotaging your chance of happiness without realizing it. It is surprising how many men & women do not feel they are deserving of a loving relationship.

People need to realize that they are in charge of their attitude and how they come across to others. Understanding that they are responsible for their own personal happiness and who they attract & allow into their lives is half the battle. If they are always ending up with someone who doesn’t want to commit, they definitely need look at the pattern they have created. Read more 

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