Nigerian Breweries unveils ‘Go Places’

Nigerian Breweries unveils ‘Go Places’

Nigerian Brewereies has unveiled its unique global talent campaign ‘Go Places’. ‘Go Places’ was officially announced yesterday at the Nigerian Breweries Village, Abebe Lagos.

Go Places is a unique form of an interactive visual storytelling game, which guides participants on an adventure of choices, adopting elements of the global Heineken Company culture, whilst showing off a diverse, multi-talented workforce including Africans and Nigerians. Players are taken through 12 questions each of which they have to provide answers to under three to five seconds.

The engaging video interview, which models the Enneagram test, gives a fun and exciting edge to the typical corporate recruiting process, converting a regular job interview into a punchy, colorful collage of life-defining decisions. Go Places illustrates the distinctive and exciting culture prospective recruits should expect to experience working at Nigerian Breweries Plc. in Nigeria and at any of the 170 Heineken companies located in 70 countries around the world.

Speaking at the launch, Human Resource Director, Nigerian Breweries, Victor Famuyibo says, ‘”The Heineken Go Places campaign demonstrates Nigerian Breweries’ positioning as a world-class company employing use of modern technology to attract and retain young gifted Nigerians, raising the bar for HR recruitment programmes, whilst providing enjoyable and high quality fun content for young individuals seeking new opportunities for career development. We leverage the creativity residing in our human resource base to create quality products and business processes that help our customers operate more effectively. Opportunities for career advancement also abound in our locations in Nigeria and also internationally.”

Nigerian Breweries, a Heineken International Company was founded in 1946, and currently operates 11 breweries across the country, producing household brand names such as Star (Nigeria’s first locally produced beer brand), Gulder, Maltina, Amstel Malta, 33 Export, Fayrouz, Strongbow, and the world famous Heineken beer.

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