February 22, 2018

Tom Ilube named the most powerful black person in Britain

Tom Ilube named the most powerful black person in Britain

Tom Ilube has been named Britain’s most powerful black person.

It means a panel chaired by Dame Linda Dobbs, the first black woman in Britain to be appointed a judge, have decided that out of the hundreds of thousands of people of African and African-Caribbean people living and working in the UK, this unassuming, softly spoken man who looks a bit like your maths teacher is the most influential of them all.

No one is more perplexed by this year’s choice than Ilube himself. “I think what I said was, ‘Are you running low on black people?’” he says with a huge laugh. “It’s a huge honour, if not a bit of a surprise.”

His humble response, however genuine, hugely undersells his achievements. While it might be the first time he’s topped the Powerlist, a magazine founded by former newspaper editor Michael Eboda 10 years ago to highlight black success stories, it’s not the first time Ilube has appeared in its ranks. Read more 

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