Is trekking season back? Man treks from Lagos to Zaria to prove his love for a lady

Is trekking season back? Man treks from Lagos to Zaria to prove his love for a lady

A cousin to former governorship candidate for the PDP in Lagos, Mr Jimi Agbaje has trekked from Lagos to Zaria to prove his love to a lady.

Tunde Agbaje, 26 embarked on the journey from Ketu Lagos to Zaria on October 2, 2016, to prove his love to the daughter of a former governor of Nigeria, Sharon Donald, who has recently travelled to the US.

Punch reports that the lover boy, Tunde met Sharon at an eatery in Ikoyi 6 years ago. Although they have remained friends, Sharon has turned down his advances several times, but Agbaje decided to embark on this journey to do what no man can ever do for m=her to prove his love for her.

Agbaje arrived in Zaria and was received by the Chief Security Officer of the Ahmadu Bello University, Col J.K. Tukur; and the protocol office of the Emir of Zaria. He was later taken to a hospital where he was reportedly treated for the injuries he sustained during the trek.

On the trek, Agbaje said he has no regrets trekking to profess his love for Sharon. He said he has done what nobody can ever do for her, just to show how much he loves her. “I have no regret for what I have done. I have proved my love for her, even though she didn’t reciprocate my feeling. I believe even if she gets married to another person, nobody will ever be able to do what I did for her,”

However, when contacted, Sharon denied being friends with Donald. She described him as mentally unstable, that he has been stalking her for 6 years and she even had to stop taking calls from Nigeria because of Tunde Agbaje. Her words, “Tunde (Agbaje) has been harassing and stalking me for the past six years and as far as I am concerned, this is just a new escapade in a series of his harassment. “He called me and said he was going to trek to prove his love for me in a non-violent way and I told him not to do it because he could die. I said that not because I cared, but just for Christian charity. This guy is mentally unstable, because how can you still be stalking a woman who has turned you down for six years?”

Trekking long distance became a thing in Nigeria after the 2015 elections when Suleiman Hassan trekked from Lagos to Abuja to congratulate President Buhari for winning the election. In a surprising turn, another group of young men trekked from Abuja to Bayelsa to thank former President Goodluck for accepting defeat peacefully. Other groups embarked on individual treks for political figures to prove a point or two. Are we back to trekking season?


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