March 22, 2019

6 hobbies that can make a good side hustle

6 hobbies that can make a good side hustle


We are have hobbies, those activities that we love to engage in when we are not doing our fully paid jobs. Whether it engaging in leisure or games to creative acts, hobbies are entirely part of our daily schedules and often leave us relaxed.

What most people don’t know however, is that you can turn these activities into cash cows. These means you get to spend your fee time doing what you love and earning from it. The benefit of having such a hobby is that you do not necessarily have to undergo training or have starting capital.


Some of the popular money making hobbies include:





When you love seeing your surroundings via a lens, you can engage in photography that pays. Whether you love taking pictures of animals, rocks, people, old buildings, and all other things that can be captured in a photograph, you can easily turn this into a money making venture. Ensure you take the best of pictures and soon people and websites could be looking for you to take theirs.


Art and craft



Another way that most people spend their free time is through making hand made things such as beaded accessories, soapstone carvings, weaved baskets and ropes, mats and such like things.

If you fancy making table mats for your family members or beaded necklaces for friends, you might just need to start selling the products and boom, you have yourself some income.


Fitness trainer



There are those amongst us who value fitness and would rather skip a friend’s day out than miss a fitness training camp. Others are so in love with healthy eating and have a diet for almost every meal. While you see it as a hobby for your personal benefit, you could start earning from it by adding members to your little healthy club. You could start by offering work out sessions or by selling dietary recipes.


Personal shopping



Yes, there are those who want to spend every of their free minute moving from shop to shop comparing prices and making purchases whenever they can.

If you fall into this category, then you can indulge and make something out of it. You can start running shopping errands for others who hate doing the task or are too occupied to get their own shopping.

This way, you can do as much shopping you want without spending a dime, but earning it.


Swimming instructor



Those among us who always smile to the idea for a dive in the nearest swimming pool want to spend all their extra time doing exactly that. They have mastered almost all swimming styles that exist and can swimming in the deepest of swimming pools. If this is your hobby, you can enjoy doing it and training others at the same time. Start by getting friends who haven’t had a swim before and see how it goes then add the crew and start charging.


Writing and blogging



For those who love writing, no other job takes away their thrill and so they find themselves writing personal works during their free time. Most of these works are left alone as soon as the writer gets onto something else.

If you are the writing kind however, you can earn from the little nothings you scribble now and then by either freelance writing or blogging.

The good thing about blogging is that no matter what you write about, you’ll have your readers out there.

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