March 23, 2019

6 Ways to Navigate Tricky Relationships

6 Ways to Navigate Tricky Relationships

Being emotionally unavailable is not a crime, but it can sip into other areas of your life and hinder necessary human interactions such as friendships, business and even educational acquaintances.

Here are some of the things that you could take up to open up and contribute to healthier connections.

1. Be aware of your fears

Ask yourself what genuinely worries you about being emotionally available and know how to work towards eliminating that. It could be fear of rejection, fear of not being good enough and so forth that makes people keep to themselves. It is important to know that the world will not come crumbling down if things don’t go your way.

Emotional unavailability happens to be one of the main reasons people do not commit to romantic relationships. This does not mean that your emotions are currently preoccupied elsewhere and they are yet to free up, it is just a decision people make to avoid commitment of taking responsibility in a relationship.

 2. Take responsibility for your emotions

Do not be out there throwing blame like fliers to a free concert. It is a mature thing to do in case you caused discomfort or a strain a relationship. Do not be quick to cut people off or bring along ego. Sit on it long enough as you wait for the other person to apologize.

3. Communicate

At the core of any relationship on the planet is communication. Ensure that you make your intentions and boundaries known so that people do not assume what you are on about.

Most relationships end because people did not agree on the common goal like defining the relationship from the very start.

4. Open up

There are people who do not like being vulnerable as they associate it to being weak. This could be as a result of being previously scared or being self-conscious and worrying what other people will perceive of you.

Instead, learn to see people as friends as opposed to people who are out to harm you. Remember to know the place and time for some conversations and trust your gut while at it

5. Set boundaries

When you have boundaries as an emotionally available person, it will help you know how much you can avail for different relationships without necessarily oversharing.

This is particularly important as it helps one maintain respectful relationships and know what to expect.

6. Make time

Make an effort to be present as you interact with other people. Through this, it becomes easier to share with others how you feel towards a particular situation and contribute greatly towards it.

It is as easy as starting with maintaining eye contact to fully understand what one is trying to say to you, verbally. There is a lot of non-verbal cues from reading body language.

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