#SaveAngie: Friends make passionate calls for Cancer Victim

#SaveAngie: Friends make passionate calls for Cancer Victim

Cancer, the dreaded disease that involves abnormal cell growth with the potential to invade or spread to other parts of the body, has become the number one killer of humans. There are over 100 different types of cancers that affect various organs in the body. While doctors are getting closer to finding a cure for the dreaded disease, early detection, and intense medical care has proven important in curing victims of  the illness. The medical can go on for several weeks at a stretch and is usually very expensive, this is why a group of friends are making an appeal for their friend, Angie Ibeh.

Recently, a group of old students from Federal Government Girls College, Bida teamed up on Facebook, to raise funds for one of their members- Angie Ibeh, who was diagnosed with thymus gland cancer. They said “We are making this appeal on behalf of my dear friend, Angie Ibeh who was diagnosed with thymus gland cancer in 2007.  Angie is a fun and vivacious woman, she’s an extraordinary nurse, a devoted wife, loving mother, and faithful Christian. In these roles, she has given so much to so many—family, friends, work colleagues, and even strangers.  Angie’s a proud and independent woman who hates to burden others and is embarrassed to ask for help herself, which is why we, her friends are asking on her behalf.”

The thymus gland cancer is a rare one, so it was already very extensive before it was discovered. Angie, a mother of three girls, has, however, has remained optimistic. She has since  undergone 14 weeks of chemotherapy and surgery, in addition to 16 weeks of radiation. “Angie was diagnosed in 2007 with thymus gland cancer because the thymus gland, part of the body’s immune system, is located in a space between the lungs and just above the heart, Angie’s cancer had spread to her lungs and chest wall and was wrapped around her aorta. The cancer is a rare one and was already very extensive by the time it was discovered.

Doctors at Dana Farber and Massachusetts General were not optimistic that she would survive very long, with or without treatment. But Angie, always positive and optimistic, was confident she would survive.

She has three little girls, ages 2, 7, and 10 years old at the time, who needed her, so she would do whatever was necessary to conquer this cancer. And, while she respected the expertise of the physicians, she relied more heavily on her confidence in God: “I will die on the day God has prescribed,” she said, and she was sure that God was not going to take her away from her little girls so soon.

Angie underwent 14 weeks chemotherapy and extensive surgery to remove her thymus gland, entire left lung and the cancer from her chest wall and aorta.  The doctors decided to treat it with 16 weeks of radiation and then just monitor the spot with periodic CT scans and begin chemotherapy only if it became bigger. The spot didn’t grow for 6 years—which Angie attributes to God, complementary therapy, and the love and support of her family and wonderful friends.

This didn’t mean that she was symptom-free. She had chronic pain, difficulty with swallowing and speech due to damage to a vocal cord that the cancer had pressed on, and was diagnosed with myasthenia gravis, a neuromuscular disease that commonly occurs in those with thymus cancer.  It causes muscle weakness that affects movement and activity tolerance, eye movement/vision, swallowing, speaking, and breathing. These conditions required various surgeries and medicines, including periodic IV infusions, and resulted in significant medical costs, but Angie didn’t care: she was alive, enjoying her husband’s company and teaching and watching their girls grow up together.”

Due to the rising cost of treatment, Angie was forced to stop complementary therapy, and in 2014, the cancer began to grow again, with new spots on her spine. Once again, Angie was given more chemo and radiation which shrunk the tumors, and things seemed to stabilize, until she became sick again in 2016.

“In the recent months of 2016, however, she has had more shortness of breath, a frequent cough, increased fatigue, increasing trouble swallowing and weight loss. Tests showed that that tiny “spot” had grown significantly and is now pressing on the major airways supplying Angie’s only remaining lung. In fact, one of the three lobes of the lung has completely collapsed. So Angie will be restarting a combination of chemo and radiation at Massachusetts General again while also traveling there on other days to receive infusions to treat her myasthenia gravis.

Angie’s girls are now 11, 16, and 19 years old, but they still need their Mommy. Angie wants–needs–to see them grow into happy, successful, contributing members of society and to know that they are safe and secure, by God’s grace. She is praying for another miracle.  She wants to restart complimentary therapy again, and she will need money to do that as well as to continue paying the many medical bills that have accrued over the years, the new ones that will arise, the costs of commuting to & parking in Boston on treatment days, plus the added college cost for the girls.

We are asking you to help make this miracle come true by making a donation of any amount to this fund on Angie’s behalf. Please share it with friends, too. Not surprisingly, GoFundMe says the fundraising campaigns that reach the most people are the most successful.”

To donate:

Name: Moumah Grace
Bank: First Bank
Acc Number: 3023967451 (Angie ‘s sister)”


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