Can a sexless relationship last? Is love enough?

Can a sexless relationship last? Is love enough?

Some say sex is a big part of a relationship, while others say you can make it work without it. Here’s the truth about a sexless relationship.

I think we can all agree that sex is great and is probably the one thing that means your relationship is at a serious level. You wait that certain amount of time before finally getting intimate with the one person you trust more than anyone else.

We all kind of take the moment of sex as the defining point in our relationships. After we’ve had sex with someone, we consider them really important to us. And we consider the relationship confirmed and solidified.

Why would two people refrain from sex in a relationship?

There are a lot of reasons two people would decide not to have sex in their relationship. Some may wait until they’re married before they do it, but even then, they do have sex in their relationship. Some may avoid it because they’re asexual and just don’t want to.

Others may get into arguments and decide that they’ll stay together, but without the sex in general. All of these are reasons people choose not to have sex, but will their relationship suffer if they choose to live like this?

Can a sexless relationship last?

And now here is the answer to the question you’ve all been waiting for. We’ve all heard how important sex is in a relationship, but we never heard about if you can last without it. Read more 


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