March 19, 2019

Friends get frantic over ailing cancer patient

Friends get frantic over ailing cancer patient

Last month, friends of a cancer patient, Angie Ibeh called out to the general public to help raise funds for their friend, who suffers from a rare type of cancer-thymus gland cancer. It looks like the much needed fund hasn’t began to trickle in as expected which is why many more friends are frantically reaching out to more Nigerians and institutions to help raise urgent funds to help Angela Ibeh.

Angie is a nurse, mother, and wife. She was diagnosed with the rare cancer since 2007. Although doctors were pessimistic about her chances of survival, Angie had survived against all odds.

Angie underwent 14 weeks chemotherapy and extensive surgery to remove her thymus gland, entire left lung and the cancer from her chest wall and aorta. The doctors decided to treat it with 16 weeks of radiation and then just monitor the spot with periodic CT scans and begin chemotherapy only if it became bigger. The spot didn’t grow for 6 years—which Angie attributes to God, complementary therapy, and the love and support of her family and wonderful friends.

This didn’t mean that she was symptom-free. She had chronic pain, difficulty with swallowing and speech due to damage to a vocal cord that the cancer had pressed on, and was diagnosed with myasthenia gravis, a neuromuscular disease that commonly occurs in those with thymus cancer.

Recently Angie’s health has become poor again, with her suffering from shortness of breath, a frequent cough, increased fatigue, increasing trouble swallowing and weight loss. Angie will be restarting a combination of chemo and radiation at Massachusetts General again while also traveling there on other days to receive infusions to treat her myasthenia gravis.
She wants to restart complimentary therapy again, and she will need money to do that as well as to continue paying the many medical bills that have accrued over the years.

Kindly contribute to Angie’s medical fund by paying to the account below.
Name: Moumah Grace
Bank: First Bank
Acc Number: 3023967451 (Angie ‘s sister)

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