February 19, 2018

Science explains why you get so hungry when drunk

Science explains why you get so hungry when drunk

Few urges are as domineering as the one that compels you to seek food after a night on the tiles. The drunchies, if you will. No matter how many times you tell yourself that you’ll go home from the bar and swallow nothing more than a paracetamol and pint of water before bed, here you are at the fridge, chain-spooning leftover lasagne into your mouth and wondering where you hid the emergency Galaxy bar. Or, worse in terms of waistline but totally superior for satiating inebriated tastebuds, at the kebab shop on the corner ordering a deluxe doner with extra garlic mayo. Oh, and a side of cheesy chips while you’re at it.

But according to a new study from the Francis Crick Institute research centre in London, your drunken food cravings could all be down to a neural mechanism.

See? It’s not your fault you gravitate towards carbs and cheese when buzzed. It’s your brain.

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Published yesterday in the Nature Communications journal, the study saw researchers inject one group of mice with a three-day “alcoholic weekend” worth of alcohol, which is the equivalent of roughly two bottles of wine or six to eight pints. The second group of mice were not given any alcohol.

Unsurprisingly, the boozy-weekender mice ate more than their sober counterparts. Read more 

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