May 22, 2018

How Mr Eazi incurred the ‘wrath’ of Twitter NG

How Mr Eazi incurred the ‘wrath’ of Twitter NG


Twitter NG is the land of no chill, the personality they recently took to the grill was Headies Next Rated art, Mr Eazi. Yesterday we woke up to see members of Twitter NG up in arms against Tosin Ajibade aka Mr Eazi.



What was the cause of it? Mr Eazi on twitter said, “Ghana’s influence on present day “Naija Sound” cannot be over emphasized!!!”


That was all it took for Twitter NG to turn the winner of Headies Next Rated award into the subject of banter.

Mr Eazi is somewhat right, apart from our really traditional sounds like apala, fuji etc, most of our music today has influences/originated from sounds influenced by Ghanaian highlife.

So why was Mr Eazi the subject of Twitter NG banter?

First, the rivalry between Nigeria and Ghana on the internet is something akin to intense sibling rivalry, the two nations love to troll themselves, the most popular and maybe everlasting fight is the jollof rice wars. Nigeria is like the big brother with her almost 170million population and Ghana the younger sibling, with a little over 25 million people still holding its ground to stand up to big brother Nigeria.

Secondly, Mr Eazi, born and raised in Nigeria has been in Ghana for a long while. He left Nigeria for tertiary education in Ghana and it was there he found his music. The ‘ownership’ of Mr Eazi has been a subject of controversy between the two countries. On his own part, Mr Eazi has avoided getting in between both countries. His favorite response to the “if he is more Nigerian or Ghanaian question” is that he identifies as a nomad, he likes the ‘Eazi’ life- hence his nomadic hat which has slowly become a fashion trend.


And when it comes to bants, Twitter NG doesn’t care if you are right or wrong. They just want to make jokes and laugh, and also for the retweets.

After hours and hours of bants, Mr Eazi made futile efforts to explain his point, which fell on deaf ears, he apologized to Nigerians, “Just got a call, my fam in Imeko are doing family meeting to deport me to Ghana! Abeg my Naija people no vez”

Welcome to Twitter NG, the land of no chill.



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