March 20, 2019

Warning signs you are in a toxic relationship

Warning signs you are in a toxic relationship

Many people are in toxic relationships and they are not even aware of it. Relationship experts have listed six warning signs to help you know if you are in a toxic relationship.

Do Your Family and Friends Approve of Your S.O.?

It’s rare that every friend and family member will share the same opinion about your S.O., but Bergen says it’s important to listen to those you trust—especially if they don’t approve. “They often sense toxicity before you do since they aren’t wearing the rose-colored glasses of infatuation,” he says.

If you’re unsure whether to heed your friends’ advice, Bergen says there’s one telltale sign their opinion is correct. “One large sign of toxicity in relationships is if your partner attempts to create distance or limit contact between you and your friends and family.” It’s normal for your habits and friendship groups to shift, but if your partner encourages you to stay away from close friends, it could be an indication of an unhealthy relationship.

Do You Use Sex to Resolve Conflicts?

Sex is a crucial part of any strong relationship, but Bergen says it’s important to reflect on when you and your S.O. are intimate and why. “Having sex is not a long-term method of conflict resolution. Problems in the relationship that disappear in the bedroom often resurface in the living room,” he notes.

Do You Have Outside Interests?

It’s normal to want to spend every moment together during the early phases of your relationship, but it’s also crucial that you and your S.O. foster time apart. Why? “It puts too much strain on the relationship,” Bergen says. “Definitely still enjoy each other’s company, but make sure there are other things you like to do.” Make an effort to pursue activities you were interested in before you met—It’ll encourage you to have a greater self-awareness about who you are as an individual, and enrich the time you do spend together.  Read more

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