January 16, 2018

Policemen beat up children protesting unpaid gratuities of late parents

Policemen beat up children protesting unpaid gratuities of late parents

The  police in Akwa Ibom State have arrested three demonstrators and beaten up a number of others for protesting at the gate of the Government House, Uyo, over the non-payment of their late parents’ gratuities by the state government.

The protesters, who were the next of kin of late primary school teachers in the state, were on Monday chased away from the areas around the Government House, as well as the adjoining streets.

Our correspondent observed an Assistant Commissioner of Police, C. Abibo, giving his officers and men the order to beat up the protesters. More than five policemen descended on the group’s leader, Benjamin Benson, and tore his clothes.

The police also used tear gas canisters and an Armoured Personnel Carrier to disperse the over 100 protesters. They also threatened to beat up the journalists, who were on the ground, to cover the protest.

The ACP said, “Beat up these people; if you cannot beat them; let me beat them myself.” The policemen needed no further encouragement as they battered protesters and bundled some into a waiting police patrol van. Read more 

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