May 24, 2018

Many killed as Boko Haram attacks motorists in Borno

Many killed as Boko Haram attacks motorists in Borno

Suspected members of Boko Haram, yesterday, ambushed motorists  along Maiduguri- Damboa- Biu road, leading to unspecified number of people dead and injured, according to eye witnesses. The incident was said to have taken place in the morning between old Nigerian Telecommunication Mast, NITEL, a.k.a Dogon Wire in Hausa, and Bullabulin village which is now deserted with only a military base left.

A  driver, Mallam Aliyu Yau, who  claimed to have escaped with his six passengers, said, “Most of the passengers killed and injured were not by Boko Haram sect, but by military escorts  who opened fire on fleeing passengers into the bush, mistaking them as escaping terrorists.

“It is unfortunate that our road is not safe today (Saturday morning) as some Boko Haram terrorists laid ambush on the road. It is regrettable that during the ambush and exchange of gunfire between military escorts and the terrorists, many passengers took to their heels into the bush, and most of them fell victim in the cross fire.. “ I cannot ascertain the number of those  killed as I managed to escape with my passengers. But  I learnt that scores of people were killed or injured”. Read more 

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