May 21, 2018

James Ibori free to return to Nigeria

James Ibori free to return to Nigeria

James Onanefe Ibori is now free to return to Nigeria.

He was given a clean bill of health today following a ruling by Justice Garnham of the Royal Court of Justice, Fleet-street, London.

Ibori, a two-term governor of oil-rich Delta state was released from a British jail on December 21, 2016, after serving a 5-year term. He was however barred from leaving the UK until the determination of a confiscation hearing.

His lawyers had appealed the confiscation trial arguing that since Ibori had appealed the confiscation hearing, there was no longer need to keep him in the UK.

Justice Garnham agreed with their argument thus paving the way for Ibori’s return home.

An Ibori associate, a former commissioner in Delta state, confirmed the development to sabinews this evening saying the news was a “good development. I just spoke to him now and he confirmed it. But how did you get the news?”

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