March 23, 2018

Trump’s approval ratings hit new low

Trump’s approval ratings hit new low

Politics, like the world of pop music, can be a fickle business.

One moment, you’re soaring. The next you are in steep descent. Sometimes it can be hard to understand why.


But for Donald Trump, two weeks into his presidency, things appear to be going only from bad to worse. A new poll suggests that the New York tycoon, who assumed the presidency with the low approval rating in modern political history, has now plumbed a new low.

The tracking poll by Gallup, shows that 53 per cent of respondents disapproved of Mr Trump’s performance in office, while only 42 per cent approved. On January 22, two days after his inauguration, respondents were split 45-45 per cent, the polling company said.

Mr Trump’s net approval rating in the poll dropped 8 points during his first week in office, though the gap between approval and disapproval has never been higher for Mr Trump than what the poll currently reflects – spread of 12 points. Read more 

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