May 24, 2018

Sudden death of Kim Jong-Un’s half-brother under investigation

Sudden death of Kim Jong-Un’s half-brother under investigation


Kim Jong-Nam is believed to have been poisoned by two female Pyongyang operatives at Kuala Lumpur International Airport on Monday, according to a report by TV Chosun, citing Seoul government sources.

The women used poisoned needles to kill the 45-year-old, according to the South Korean broadcaster. The suspects immediately fled the scene in a taxi, it reported. The airport’s police chief, Assistant Commissioner Abdul Aziz Ali, told the AFP news agency a Korean in his 40s was found ill at the airport and died on his way to hospital. “We do not have any other details of this Korean man. We do not know his identity,” he said.

Kim Jong-Nam is the son of Song Hye-rim, a South Korean-born actress who is believed to have been a mistress of former North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il. He was a known advocate of reform in North Korea and was vocal about his opposition to the nation’s dynastic succession policy.

Understood to be Kim Jong-Il’s heir apparent, he was overlooked for the succession after a botched attempt to enter Japan in May 2001 on a false Dominican Republic passport. Read more 


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