May 24, 2018

Woman gives birth inside danfo bus

Woman gives birth inside danfo bus

It was jubilation, Tuesday, at Sabo area of Ikorodu, a suburb of Lagos, when a woman gave birth to baby girl inside a commercial bus. The woman, who reportedly boarded the bus at Ijede, could not alight at the Sabo Bus Stop, as other passengers did, making the bus driver and his conductor suspicious.

An eyewitness said in the usual manner in Lagos, the conductor started yelling at the woman to get down from the bus, but she could not utter a word as she had fallen into labour. It was said that the conductor, seeing that the woman was in labour, raised the alarm. But those around took to their heels, thinking a fight had started between the conductor and miscreants.

The eyewitness added that when the shout for help persisted, some officials of Lagos State Traffic Management Authority, LASTMA, and other sympathisers moved closer, only to discover that the woman was in labour. They rendered necessary assistance and the woman delivered a baby girl few minutes after. Read more


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