May 22, 2018

Things you say that make people distrust you

Things you say that make people distrust you


Lying in business or personal relationships will hurt you in the long run. But being truthful won’t help you if people think you’re a liar. So avoid these words and phrases that signal deceit. And if others use them, take care. They may be lying.

  1. “In all honesty…”

People who are lying tend to use the words “honest” and “honestly” to encourage listeners to believe them. Don’t use these words yourself, and watch out for those who do.

  1. “Believe me.”

People who are lying often literally tell you to believe them. Never use this phrase either.

  1. “As far as I know.”

You may just be trying to be super-accurate, but your listener may assume you’re leaving yourself an out when your statement turns out to be false. Always state clearly what you know, what you believe to be true, and what you think may be true.

  1. “To the best of my recollection.”

Use this lame-sounding phrase and people will assume you’re lying. Memory can be a tricky thing, but say what you actually remember. And if you’re not sure, say so.

  1. “The real issue is…”

Most people don’t like to lie, so they use a phrase like this to redirect the conversation to a different topic. Do that and you’ll be seen as evasive and untrustworthy. If there’s a second issue you need to discuss, finish with the current issue first.

  1. “The fact is…”

Some people use this phrase when they’re about to say something they know will be hard to hear. But like “honestly,” referring to the facts may make listeners think you’re being deceitful. Read more 


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