May 21, 2018

Lecturer caught naked in student’s apartment

Lecturer caught naked in student’s apartment

A lecturer in the English Department, Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida University, Lapai, Niger State, Isiaq Yusuf, popularly called I.G. Yusuf, has become an object of ridicule after he was caught naked in his student’s apartment.

The fiancé of the 400-level student and his friend, who caught Yusuf while he was allegedly prepared to have sex with her, made him to mop the living room, wash the toilet, and took his nude pictures, which had gone viral.

The lecturer had reportedly insisted on sleeping with the student so she could pass ENG 201 titled, “History of English Language in Nigeria”.

PUNCH Metro gathered that the final year student, who had failed the course consecutively, became frustrated and feared the lecturer could fail her again, thereby extending her year of study.  She was said to have told her fiancé about the problem she was having with the lecturer and a plan was made to end the lecturer’s harassment. “ENG 201 is taken in the first semester and exams will soon commence. Last Wednesday, the fiancé and his friend went to Mercy’s residence outside the campus. The lecturer was bent on having sex with her before she could pass the course. Read more 


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