May 22, 2018

Bros na the paint, no be Jazz- Emeka Nwolisa

Bros na the paint, no be Jazz- Emeka Nwolisa

Bros done hammer and the lalas must show.

What more effective way  than to build a palatial mansion to declare he had arrived. It is not easy to arrive you know!  The mansion had been completed in record time and exquisitely furnished.  Bros had a loud house opening bash and then the yawa began.

First, let’s take a tour of Bros’s mansion. Bros likes powerful colours and put them to good use and effect in his house. The living room is painted in a  rich but deep hue of blue , so blue that you would safely assume that Bros is either a Chelsea, Manchester city or Leicester fan. For where? Bros has no time for footballnot to talk of the premiership. Bros wanted blue there and blue he got. Money talks.

The bedroom now conveniently renamed the ‘other room’ in Naija is painted red in keeping with his love for loud colours.  The ward robe and  the  mini wine bar  are also in different shades of red. The rest of the house is basically an amalgam of colours . From yellow stairs to orange, pink and purple rooms. All in all, the house was colourfully colourful.  

Since moving in Bros has been feeling somehow somehow. His emotions have been oscillating between restlessness and deep sadness. He had also been having mood swings which tended to be worse at weekends when he spent longer hours in the house.

He had taken several drugs but yawa still dey gas. Strangely though once he stays outside his mansion for a few days especially on any of his business trips, his mood changes for the better and his old exuberance returns.  Finally,  a couple  of his friends had suggested  going to find out traditionally what was amiss.

Truth be told, the colours in Bros mansion according to a controversial but currently evolving concept is the cause of his problems. Do you feel funny in your house? Are there some rooms that make you creepy? Oh boy na the colour wey you paint your house dey halla you? No be jazz and no be demons na you cause ya own problem.

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It’s generally accepted  that the colour and pattern of painting of most houses  reflect  the  personality, taste and class of the owner. What is now postulated but still controversial though  is that  the colour(s)  a room is painted  can influence  the  moods and thoughts of the occupants. Colours are said to affect people differently depending on age, gender and ethnic background.  Colours impact individuals psychologically.  They can be active, passive or neutral in their impact. Ever wondered why operating theatres are painted in green and shades of green? Green colour is said to provide a high contrast environment, reduce eye fatigue and makes blood and blood splashes less conspicuous.  While organoleptic colours are used by the food industry to increase sales, Psychiatrists use tranquileptic colours  to quieten their patients.

Red  is said to raise a room’s energy level  and thereby influencing  blood   pressure, respiration and heart rate. It is usually considered too stimulating for bedrooms.

Yellow is said to  communicate happiness because it  captures the joy of sunshine . It is an excellent choice for kitchens, dining rooms and bathrooms, where it is energizing and uplifting.

Blue is considered calming, relaxing and serene and it is often recommended for bedrooms and bathrooms. Dark blue has the opposite effect, evoking feelings of sadness.

Orange evokes excitement and enthusiasm  and is an energetic colour. It  is great for an exercise room.

Don’t be like Bros, be mindful of the colour combination in your home because colours do more than just beautify your home.



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