June 19, 2018

Paedophile sentenced to 27 years imprisonment

Paedophile sentenced to 27 years imprisonment

A violent paedophile who made a “hidey hole” in his home to conceal a girl he was abusing has been jailed for 27 years.

Michael Dunn knocked through the wall behind his fridge to create a cavity to hide the runaway girl from police. Teesside Crown Court heard the 57-year-old, from Redcar, raped and abused four girls over a period of decades. His offences took place around the country, including at a house in Mottram near Hyde, Greater Manchester.

Greater Manchester Police has referred itself to the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) amid concerns opportunities to catch him were missed.

‘Paranoid and controlling’

Dunn was convicted in January of 10 rapes, false imprisonment and indecent assault. One of his victims was aged just 10 or 11 when he first raped her. Judge Tony Briggs said: “The history reveals you to be a devious, manipulative and controlling man with a strong urge to dominate.”

The court had heard he was “paranoid, controlling and short tempered”. Prosecutors said his victims “suffered physically” if they challenged him and “he had sex when he wanted”. Read more 


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