May 20, 2018

My brother, pastors are just like me and you – Viola Okolie

My brother, pastors are just like me and you – Viola Okolie

Fellow Nigerians, following months and months of painstaking research, I have been sent to tell you, that your prophets and “men of God” are mere mortals. They are not God.

Perhaps by your worship of them, you have made them gods, but they are actually human like you and prone to the same range of feelings and emotions you go through. One of the best assistance that you can render to your gods of men, is not to be quick to jump to their defence and quote “touch not my anointed”. Interestingly the anointed that the Bible referred to, was a king and not a preacher.

The Bible itself admonishes you to “test ALL prophets”. All of them.

You can’t help them by constantly jumping to their defence and calling down fire and brimstone on those who would rather they were weighed on the same scales as other humans.


A long ago, while working as a desk officer in a small finance firm, I had the fortune to handle the account of a “pastor”. This one was more than a pastor, he was a “bishop”, overseeing a cluster of branches of a popular new generation church.

So he approached me with a request.

He needed to purchase air conditioners for his newly completed church building. The headquarters had approved a certain amount for the air conditioners, but he could get them for about N20,000 cheaper. So he wanted us to finance the purchase of the air conditioning units so he could supply to his church, and then he could get paid for the supply and pay back the bank loan plus interest and have a tidy little amount set aside as “profit”.

Well, all due diligence was carried out and he qualified for the loan. The loan was processed and with a lot of blessings and anointings and transferring of grace through prayers, the “bishop” gratefully collected the loan…

… and vanished into thin air.

Till date, all efforts to recover that loan from him, have proven abortive. Attempts were made to contact the headquarters of the church, but they kept absolving themselves of responsibility.

Yes, they had issued a contract for the purchase of air conditioners.

Yes, the contract had been fulfilled.

Yes, payment had been released.

No, they were not going to get involved, they were not even going to caution the pastor or call him to ensure he repays the loan.

In a few words, I was on my own.

I paid that loan amount from my pocket, and took away the lesson that followed.

A lesson that was enhanced by seeing posters of that same “bishop” all over the streets of the city, a couple of years later, promising the gullible sheeple who would come for his crusade deliverance from a plethora of demons.

Bishop that cannot deliver himself from the spirit of stealing, lying and 419, is that one a bishop?

img-church-stained-glass.tmb-16x9large.jpg (1000×563)


The lesson learnt from that and several other disappointing encounters with these gods of men, is that they are all human.

Like you and I.

The only difference is that we give them the privilege to mount pulpits and talk down on us, sometimes pontificating on issues that plague them.

The have forgotten to catch the little little foxes that spoil their vines…


Yes there are real prophets and men of God.

And just for your information, sometimes, these men of God fall from Grace.

They land on the ground with a thump and lie there beside us like the rest of us – mortal. Human. Because that is what they have always been but for the grace of God.

So, what are you going to do?

Surround them and insist that they do not fall and mock and insult and fight everyone that insists they did? Or are you going to help them back up to their feet and let them know that it is not in the falling, but in the rising, and dusting off, and striving to achieve whatever level of grace they were at before the fall?

This is how Nigerians enable politicians, priests, and pilferers to continue to make a mess of us.

We continue making excuses for them even when what they rightly deserve is a jolt back to reality. A bucket of ice water straight in their faces.

Peter denied Christ thrice.

But he accepted his mistake and repented.

Peter… On this rock shall I build my church.

Fell. From. Grace.

But apparently, Nigerian pastors and gods of men have odeshi. They cannot experience any human setback, where we are made of flesh and blood, they are crafted out of holy water and the fruit of the tree of life and death.

Get a grip people.

Your pastors are human.

They are flesh and blood.

They have penises.

And they have eyes.

And sometimes these things are involuntary. Even without the brain registering what the eyes have seen, the prick would still respond and rise.

Ask Ebuka.

And yes, when they see bare breasts, their eyes will pop.

That much we know.

The rest that we can do, is not to live in denial and enable the god of man to continue to add more charges to his rap sheet. Even worse, we abandon all thoughts of right and wrong and race down the highway of sin ourselves in a bid to defend these gods of men.

What we can do, is to allow the good pastor enough time to come to terms with his present situation and repent.

And we can continue worshipping him again, as if nothing happened.

Because trust me, in a couple of days, another sensation would arise, and we can file Apostle Suleiman’s indiscretions away in the same filing cabinet where Pastor Biodun’s is awaiting our review.

Doubt me? Just argue with your robust response.

Meanwhile, has Buhari called any of you yet?

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