May 24, 2018

‘The Wedding Party’ to lose over N100m to piracy

‘The Wedding Party’ to lose over N100m to piracy

The Wedding Party producers have suffered a big blow as the high grossing Nigerian movie is now easily accessible to people across the world. Pirated versions are now selling for N500 in Lagos, N400 in Benin, N300 in Abuja and Port Harcourt, and the cheapest price goes for N200 in Warri, Delta State.

‘500m naira is enough profit returned on investment, make Street hawkers sef chop small,’ an Instagram user, @Vasofficial said.

The movie, which has made about N500m since it was premiered in the cinemas in December, is also available for illegal streaming and downloads on YouTube and Facebook. During a discussion I had with someone last night (March 6), the person made the following observation:

‘I watched it on YouTube yesterday (March 5), I checked back recently and it’s being flagged off for copyright. It was very clear and not pirated. It has had over 180k views at the time.’

This streaming figure comes with the reality of the movie’s pirated copies going around, people downloading the movie online and sharing with others via USB. Read more 

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