May 22, 2018

Ritualist sentenced to death for killing two brothers

Ritualist sentenced to death  for killing two brothers

A ritualist, Ibrahim Mohammed, has been sentenced to death by hanging for killing two brothers in Koto-Nkarfe, Kogi State.

Mohammed was accused of killing two brothers of the same father, Muhammed Kudu Abubakar and Umar Tanko, by first administering poison on them before hitting them on the head with a pestle and then buried their corpses in a shallow grave in his compound.

Delivering judgement, Justice Alaba  Omoleye-Ajileye of a high court in Koton-Karfe on Monday said the prosecution had proved its case beyond every reasonable doubt and therefore sentenced Mohammed to death by hanging.

The prosecution had charged the accused persons for offences bordering on robbery and culpable homicide.  The accused persons from whose compound the bodies of the deceased were exhumed during trial had pleaded guilty to the charges.

In his ruling justice  Omolaye-Ajileye said, “The facts of robbery in the case flows from established facts and already accepted by the court in respect of the 2nd and 3rd charges. Read more 

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