7 Abs Workouts For Stone Abs

7 Abs Workouts For Stone Abs


Abs are highly difficult to get. It’s the symbol of fit for all, the stomach muscles rearing even beneath clothing because they demand attention.

It’s hard work, yes, but make no mistake, a rock hard abs make every other thing easy because it is the source from where other routines find their strength.

This is why you shouldn’t leave its development to chance routines and unfounded advice. These routines will help you sort out your abs situation and they can be done anytime, regardless of your schedule and fitness level.

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Start easy but always remember to commit to your reps and sets through to the end. Dedication will make the difference

  1. Planks (start with 20 secs)
  2. Leg Raises: 12 reps
  3. Pikes: 15 reps
  4. Knee to chest tucks: 10 reps
  5. Jack Knife: 12 reps
  6. Inch Worm walk-in: 10 reps
  7. Russian twist: 15 reps


Assume a prostrate position on the mat. Spread your legs hip-width apart. Now lift off the mat resting your weight on your elbows and toes while you engage your ab muscles by tightening. Make sure your back is flat and hips aren’t elevated to the ceiling. The neck should be kept straight and looking forward. Do not stiffen your neck., keep the energy loose around here. Focus only on tightening your ab muscles.


Leg Raises

Lay prone on the mat with hands placed squarely on each side. Then lift both legs together to the waist level. Stop at this level and return to the start position. Do not drop your legs. The workout requires control. Ensure the motion contracts your lower abs by tightening the abs during the movement and staying mentally present throughout. Slow motions are better for this.



Lay pone on the mat. Spread your feet in a star shape position. Raise your body off the mat, supporting your weight with your hands and legs. Ensure your waist is pushed up into the ceiling. While your hands stay static, move in a backward motion from your upper body to your waist, increasing the ceiling around your waist. And return back to the start position. That’s one repetition.

Knee to Chest Tucks

Assume a seating position. Fold your legs while you extend your back as if leaning back. Now lift both legs inwards into your chest and extend them outwards. That makes one repetition. Make sure only your legs move during this routine. The upper body should remain firm so as to target the abdominal muscles better.


Jack Knife

Lay prone on the mat extending your hands and feet out stretched. Using the waist as a lever, slowly raise both legs and hands up together towards each other. The movement stops where they both meet mid-air. Return to start position and repeat.


Inch Worm Walk-in

Stand erect. Keeping your knees straight, bend down to the mat and move hands until fully extended in a full plank position on the mat. Pause for three to five seconds and slowly, mimicking the same motion, return to a standing position. Repeat accordingly


Russia Twist

Assume a seating position but with your back extended in a leaning backwards position. Center your upper body and keep it so throughout the exercise. Now, twist to the right and left with both hands at the same time touching the mat each twist. The alternate motion makes one repetition.



These routines combinedly target the lower, side (obliques) and upper abdominal muscles. Start with three sets for a beginner level and extend to 5 – 7 sets as fitness level improves.


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