March 23, 2019

7 very strange things about Oba Akiolu’s rant

7 very strange things about Oba Akiolu’s rant


  1. People actually clapped. What were they clapping about, really? Affirmation or sarcasm? People are strange.
  2. The Oba actually kept calling God and Allah. The things we do in the name of God. Kai!
  3. Did he actually say he owns Lagos? Well, our lords spiritual and temporal abound.
  4. The very loooooooooong silence from APC. Why have they suddenly gone silent, this party that knows how to churn out press releases and reactions as easy as an ashewo takes off her wrapper. Why has APC suddenly grown a boil on its tongue as the erm, Igbo people say?


  1. The fact that some people actually tried to defend the Oba’s indiscretion. Haba, what is bad is bad.
  2. The fact that only Oby Ezekwesili has remained the only Igbo voice in the clique of the progressives to comment on this xenophobic malfeasance.
  3. Finally, the sad fact people, right thinking intelligent people, actually put up a piece of paper with badly written English purportedly written by Igbo people as reason why all Igbos should all drown in the lagoon, boggles the mind no end.

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