FADE celebrates Earth Day 2017

FADE celebrates Earth Day 2017

To mark #EarthDay2017, members of Fight Against Desert Encroachment- FADE, were gathered at   #kidsbeachgardens  on Saturday, the 22nd of April, 2017.

With support from members of Special Green Friends, SGF, and the director of UNIC Lagos, Mr. Ronald Kayanga they planted a coconut tree which was named Grace, and cleaned up the beach. The aim of the event is to ‘remind everyone of the importance of the environment by creating a climate literate society’

FADE, in commemoration of World Desertification Day, will be holding a lecture on the 27th of June to be delivered by Eugenia Abu, the executive director of NTA and a former board member of the Abuja Green Society.

More details will be shared shortly.


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