Banky and Adesuwa: this is no Africa Magic – Peju Akandeý

Banky and Adesuwa: this is no Africa Magic – Peju Akandeý

When I watched both of them in the blockbuster movie, The wedding Party by Kemi Adetiba, like many in the audience, I fell in love with their characters- Dozie Onwuka and Dunni Coker played by Banky W, the R ‘n B crooner of Won’t you be my number 1 and Adesuwa Etomi, winner of the 2016 AMVCA Award for Best Actress in Drama, respectively.

All through the movie all eyes stayed glued on the pair and I heard several times afterward that both were so well paired; they seemed real.

They seemed to have something beyond the movie and if it wasn’t there before, it sure must have begun right after all that romantic scenes during the shoot of the Wedding Party.

Having never known them personally but from afar, I feel an affinity with these two beautiful people. I met Adesuwa Etomi some three or perhaps four years ago when I went to Terra Kulture to watch one of the Drama productions staged by Oxzygen Concepts. I can’t quite recall the title of the drama now but after the stage production, the audience got to talk one on one with the actors.

Baby yi wa pa! This young lady struck me as one who was dedicated to her craft, was humble as she acknowledged accolades from the audience fawning over her and she was gracious too. I watched her playfully teasing her co-actors backstage. She exhibited no airs, no vanity. I remember wondering why she wasn’t already in one of those so-called blockbuster Nollywood movies or those endless drama series we endure on TV

After all watching them you get the sense that it’s all about a fine face and no talent but here you had a fine face plus talent. I just thought she should be the next big name after the likes of Genevieve and Omotola!

But she seemed committed to the stage. She wanted to hone her craft, as I soon found out. I liked that because I have always felt  that stage acting is where the craft is, it’s where your talent can easily be detected if its good and where an actor can easily be exposed as a fraud, if bad.

Only actors with real talents can hold their own on the stage. And here she was, flawlessly delivering her lines, captivating an audience that was enamoured by her natural beauty and winning hearts and more followership; I was later to see her many more times on stage at Terra Kulture particularly in Saro and never did I find cause to doubt her talents.

The Adesuwa girl is talented, she sabi act!

I had an opportunity to meet Banky W, too behind the stage, too, of course. This was when I had to interview Fade Ogunro for Dstv online. My company at that time provided content for Multichoice. I met Fade Ogunro on set, where her brother Sesan Ogunro Jr. was producing a music video with Banky for the hit single JASI at Konga Studio.

Banky W is handsome, omo yen fin gan, ni, I told.myself as I watched fascinated as he rehearsed dance steps with his choreographers, over and over again. For me, even if he didn’t know how to dance, and I’m not even saying he does, he’ll just do fine with that gorgeously rich voice of his, thank you very much.

I watched as he rehearsed over and over again, matching steps with his choreographers and helping his backup singers do same.

And now, the best news of all, these two beautiful people are engaged…for real! And we can’t just have enough of them particularly on social media; we eagerly lap up anything they post, even the crumbs of private life they throw at us.

I saw several photos of shared private moments between the two and the comments ranged from the ridiculous to the downright teary.

It’s all good but if they both want to limit their joy on social media; being celebrities, they must take care not to showcase too much of their daily lives on social media. While this may be the platform to display your talents and promo your acts, please limit the display of your private or intimate moments on social media.

Leave the platform for wannabes and social climbers, yours should mostly be to promote your talent; the next stage play, the next hit single…

Resist the temptation to constantly whet our appetites with the salacious parts of your lives; what he said to you, what she did for you.

Remember Tiwa Savage and TeeBilliz?

Remember Tonto Dike and Churchill?

Remember Funke Akindele and that…what’s his name again?

You’ll find all kinds of characters here who aren’t necessarily after your good. I love the response Adesuwa gave to a commenter who said she was lucky because she hit a money bag, Etomi replied saying she works hard enough for her money and luck has nothing to do with her engagement to Banky, it’s a blessing, she asserted.

Brilliant comeback if there ever was one!

That’s how the intimate parts of your lives will be open to wrong interpretations and before you know it, you are dissipating energy fighting trolls and bad belles. Who needs that?

Yours is a beautiful one, keep it away from our eager and envious eyes!


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