May 21, 2018

Kunle Afolayan to release new movie, Roti in June

Kunle Afolayan to release new movie, Roti in June

In Roti, Diane and Kabir lost their only child, Rote, a few days to his fifth birthday. The couple, played by two of Nollywood’s finest actors Kate Henshaw and Kunle Afolayan, initially thrown into the throes of sadness, – later found some comfort in their love for each other. But for Diane, the words of her mother-in-law that her son would come back to her gave her hope.

Four years later the couple had seemingly moved on with their lives, leaving the grief of their dead son behind them until Diane spots a child that looks exactly like Roti, her dead son. The words of her mother-in-law, that her son would come back to her, returned. She began to stalk the look-alike version of her son, now named Juwon.

With this movie, Afolyan opens up discussions on the belief of Africans in reincarnation. He confirmed this after a press screening at Maryland Mall in Lagos. He said this “movie is not just for entertainment, many of us grew up hearing our parents talk about dead people who returned and had separate lives from their past life. It is to raise awareness and open up discussions on the belief of reincarnation.”

Although it is a movie with a handful of cast, Afolayan says he is not afraid of the performance of the movie at the cinema because not all movies are made for financial success. He clarified that he would, of course, want to recover his investment on the movie, but he meant it to raise awareness and generate discussions about reincarnation.

Another thing Afoyalan did with this movie is the portrayal of mental health. Diane wasn’t taken to a church as is the normal practice with Nigerians, she was taken to a psychiatric home where she was treated.  The creative gods have been kind to Afolayan recently.

The award-winning director announced to the press that he has made four films this year and Rote is just one of them.

Roti will be in cinemas across the country from June 30.



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