Hidden meanings behind the different shapes of engagement rings

Hidden meanings behind the different shapes of engagement rings

Do you know that the kind of engagement ring you wear tell a lot about your personality and the type of wedding you are going to have? The different shapes of diamonds are significant and somewhat personal. So here are some of the most common shapes

The round cut: The round cut is the most common diamond cut. It is for a classic traditional bride. You’ll want your wedding in an old church, pick a live band over a DJ and wear an A shaped gown and long cathedral veil. The round cut diamond also brings out the maximum glint and shine

Colourful Ring– this is for the non-conformist, the bride who will do just what she likes. Wear a blue wedding gown, a splash of colour everywhere and won’t stick to tradition. It shows a free, creative spirit that will make tweak and have fun with the wedding

Heart Shape: Heart shaped rings are for very bold and outgoing women. It is loud and announces, hey! I am engaged. A shy person should stay away from the heart shaped cut as it draws attention to the hand. The heart shaped ring is also for the over romantic woman who sees life through a rosy glass.

Emerald cut– this is for the minimalist, the simple bride who although looks plain, is effortlessly chic and trendy. The emerald cut exudes confidence and refinement.

Princess Cut, as the name suggests, the princess cut has the most extravagant glitter of all diamond cuts. A woman wearing a princess cut diamond revels in the attention she gets from people as a princess does. This is also a woman with the will power to be a leader and to take risks.

The Pear shape cut– this cut comes in the shape of a tear drop. Diamond experts say it is usually a prelude for tears of joy or sorrow. The cut is for the trendsetting woman. A very independent woman, with a soft side for traditional classic fairy tale romance.

The Oval Shape cut– represents fertility, a desire to have a full house. It suits a woman who wants a traditional stable relationship and family. While it symbolises fertility, it also shows a very individualistic and creative woman.

Some women are a mix of many traits, so it is normal to see a diamond ring with multiple small cuts. Although the symbolism behind most cut is useful, the most important thing is to find a cut that is suitable and feels comfortable. Now that you know all these, go ring-a-shopping.


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