March 25, 2019

Ayoola Gbolahan to hold solo exhibition in Lagos

Ayoola Gbolahan to hold solo exhibition in Lagos

The second half of the year draws close.

We plan to begin the very first week of the month in excitement as we present a virtuosic assemblage. By this, it is our absolute delight to present AYOOLA- an exhibition of works by the prolific visual artist, Ayoola Gbolahan.

AYOOLA is a tri-partite experience showcasing works in abstract expressionism: Abstract Landscape, Abstract Figuration and Human Anthropology. Working in his usual manner, professing personal messages through art, the exhibition homogenizes truths and thoughts the artist upholds.

In the last years, landscapes and human beings have been of audible interest to the artist; landscapes as in its geographical and compositional beauty, human beings as in their emotions and the processing faculty of one.

As the mind of an artist works uniquely, each one differing from another so is the rendition of his synthesis.

Landscapes feature mental images as it was captured by the mind instead of the physicality of the real space. AYOOLA also seeks in the series on humans and figurations to inform and inspire its audience- by bearing light on suppressed emotions and the need for release; self- examination as a potent tool for self-discovery and understanding unprocessed thoughts and its consequences.

The exhibition overall is a visceral look from the artist’s point of view into mundane aspects of life and living, though not often brought up but is worthy of being engaged.

AYOOLA opens on the 11th of June 2017 at Rele Gallery by 4pm.


You are cordially invited to be enriched!

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