15-year-old girl murdered mother, sister

15-year-old girl murdered mother, sister

A 15-year-old girl believed to be one of Britain’s youngest double murderers concocted a plan to kill her own mother and sister, it can now be revealed.

Judges have lifted restrictions on reporting how Kim Edwards and her boyfriend, Lucas Markham, carried out the “brutal executions” of dinner lady Elizabeth Edwards, 49, and her daughter Katie as they slept at their home in Spalding, Lincolnshire last April.

The couple, likened to Bonnie and Clyde at trial, had sex, shared a bath and watched four Twilight vampire films as they “revelled” after the killings.

The identities of the couple could not be reported throughout their trial at Nottingham crown court in 2016 because of their age, but restrictions on naming the pair were lifted by three judges at the court of appeal in London. Kim and Lucas, who were both originally given 20-year minimum custodial terms, had them reduced by the judges to 17-and-a-half years each. Read more 


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