Forget witches, go and check ya self sharp-sharp – Emeka Nwolisa

Forget witches, go and check ya self sharp-sharp – Emeka Nwolisa

People are just dropping dead Upandan and the wicked have done their worst is the catch phrase at most funerals.

Spiritual enemies have been getting bashed up and down too.  The spiritual enemies by convention come in two groups……household ones and village ones.

Occasionally people search out the perceived human entity manifesting as the spiritual enemy and either ostracises them or administers instant mob justice.

The recent sad story of the brothers sentenced to death for killing a supposed witch is a typical example. The old woman tagged witch was said to have spiritually killed the daughter of one of the brothers.

But truth be told, how many of those deaths were really caused by enemies whether spiritual or physical?  Is this not really a typical case of giving a dog a bad name so as to hang it.

Why do people just drop dead?  Why is the cause of death in Nigeria often shrouded in so much mystery? Abeg, don’t start ……anything like if you ask me na who I go ask!

Nigerians hardly give consent for post-mortem. The common refrain is that the person has died so would knowing what killed him/her bring them back to life. Yes, it would not bring them back but it can help the living to live better and longer. But then……. leave matter for Mathias.

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 When was the last time you had a full medical and laboratory evaluation. Unfair question? Ok, let’s step it down. When was the last time you checked your blood pressure or checked your blood sugar level or even had a plain urine test? This is the sixth month of the year and if you are 40years and above and your answer is no….well done!  Keep on searching for spiritual enemies and household enemies  to blame. Keep raining curses and death on them. But remember on Sunday  to ask your priest or pastor to lay hands on you to receive common sense.

They say life begins at 40 so I would be zeroing in on those 40 years and above. There are numerous and varied guidelines with regards to routine medical check up but for  the purpose of this article we would adopt the commonsense approach.

Complications of hypertension contribute significantly to sudden death so you should get your blood pressure checked at least twice a year but if  either  your father and/or  mother are or were hypertensive, the frequency should be more. Once every quarter wouldn’t be a bad idea.

There has been plenty of talk about cholesterol lately  but leave the egg heads to keep arguing. It is still generally accepted that high  cholesterol levels increase the risk for heart related diseases and  sudden death.   You  should ideally get  your lipid profile which includes  cholesterol level checked once a year.  Get a random blood sugar done at least once a year too. A random blood sugar would give an inkling as  to your risk for diabetes mellitus. More intensive blood sugar test could  then be requested if necessary.

For men  a simplr test to assess the  state  of your prostrate called a PSA  is necessary at least once a year. For females a Pap smear is essential to screen for cervical cancer and mammogram to screen for breast cancer. Both are major killers.

 So now that you know , go to your doctor and  check ya self.

Leave household enemies and village enemies alone.



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