May 22, 2018

Dutch firm to release flying cars in 2018

Dutch firm to release flying cars in 2018

In between planes and drones, the skies may be about to get a little bit busier.

This month, PAL-V, the creators of what is described as world’s first “commercially feasible” flying car, opened a new production facility in the Netherlands and claimed early orders of the two-seater personal air and land vehicle will be shipped to global customers as soon as next year.

Production, the firm claimed, will be commencing “imminently” with final assembly on the PAL-V currently scheduled to start in October 2017.

“Most parts are ordered for the first machines and the first are in house, we will commence construction with an eye on deliveries to our first global clients in 2018 in to 2019,” asserted PAL-V chief executive Robert Dingemanse in an update to press.

Using two 100-horsepower engines and unleaded fuel, the vehicle will reportedly be able to fly up to 310 miles (400 to 500 kilometres) at an altitude of up to 11,500 feet (3,500m), the firm has said. Read more 

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