Something dey happen with nannies o- Emeka Nwolisa

Something dey happen with nannies o- Emeka Nwolisa

With oga and madam having to work and children needing to be looked after, nannies or child care providers have become inevitable. They have become a feature of modern lifestyle and the changing social order in most homes. They are either relatives brought by friends or in several cases provided by agencies or their likes. So do you have nannies at home? If yes, the logical question bbecomes na wetin dey happen when you are away at work? This is not the time for 2baba’s ….nothing dey happen because plenty fit happen.

The things that can happen plenty. Everything can be nice and proper… fair enough and good but reports going viral on the internet would suggest otherwise. So shine your eyes well-well.  In places where something dey happen, the events can span from neglect, physical abuse, psychological abuse to sexual abuse.×400.png

It may not always be easy to know if something dey happen but once you suspect, trust our gut feeling. Don’t just wish it away, investigate subtly.  You would lose nothing but you could be saving the life of your child.

The questions that should  guide your 007 moves would include;

Has your child suddenly become afraid of the nanny?

Is the child becoming anxious and withdrawn?

Is your nanny becoming secretive about the daily routine when you ask?

Is your child getting involved in too many home accidents that are avoidable by your assessment?

Does your nanny ensure your requests and instructions are obeyed or carried out?

Has your nanny subtly or obviously become very critical of your parenting skills.

Does your child often look dirty and unkempt especially when you come home unexpectedly?

Is your  child becoming consistently hungry and tired?

What’s your gut feeling about the nanny?

These questions are not exhaustive; your peculiar circumstance can throw up further addition to your James Bond’s list.

So how do you go about preventing something from happening? It begins from the beginning.

In addition to screening a potential nanny through interviews as well as employee references and background checks, it is essential to spend time observing her in the home prior to hiring. Remember, anyone can be great in an interview. Anyone can also be great playing with a baby for an hour.

Forget your ego and Ajebutterness, the life of your child is literally in the nanny’s hand so treat the nanny with respect. Be kind and accommodating. How you treat the nanny can determine how your child is treated.

If you can afford it, install cameras in the house and be sure to review their recordings regularly.  If you can’t afford cameras be sure to come home occasionally unannounced outside of your usual time.  Friends and other family members can assist do this when you can’t.

Finally, be sure not to overwhelm the nanny with housework duties. Your nanny’s main job is to care for the child.  

There are countless wonderful nannies out there though providing the necessary assistance but some others chop winch.  Shine your eyes wella because something fit dey happen for ya house!


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