July 17, 2018

8 tips for conquering fear of flying

8 tips for conquering fear of flying

If you experience fear of flying, the following tips may help lessen your discomfort on your next flight.

  1. Stay centered. Breathe deeply for four counts, and then release for six.
  2. Find a focus. Cross your ankles and cross your hands in front of your chest. Breathe deeply while resting your tongue on the roof of your mouth.
  3. Eliminate stressful distractions. Lower the window shade so you’re not distracted with moving elements.
  4. Anticipate your anxiety. Do mindfulness and meditation exercises daily a week or two before a flight.
  5. Be prepared with soothing elements. Find things that help you stay focused and less anxious. Find music that is soothing. Pack snacks that you enjoy but also make you feel good. Stay away from things with sugar, which is a stimulant. Read more

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