A Billion Dollars Haul Awaits Friday Winners of US Mega Million Jackpot

A Billion Dollars Haul Awaits Friday Winners of US Mega Million Jackpot


Tuesday’s mega million lottery draw in the US produced no winners. This takes the jackpot for Friday up to at least $868 million or a cash lump sum of $494.5 million, the second largest in the US lottery jackpot history and largest for the game’s history itself.

No ticket matched all the six numbers on Tuesday. The Numbers included: 69, 45, 61, 3, 49, and the Mega Ball was 9.

Friday’s Mega Millions along with Wednesday’s Powerball jackpot, which stands at $345 million, are worth more than a cool billion dollars.

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The jackpots have reached such mega amounts because no has won since July 24, where 11 coworkers netted a combined $543 million. The last Powerball jackpot, which totaled $245.6 million, was won August 11 by a man in Staten Island, New York.

Even with the monstrous sums available for winning with over a billion dollars available, the lottery has seen a greater haul in its history. The 2016 Powerball jackpot saw a $1.586 billion combined win by three persons.

And while the odds you could be the winner is hugely stacked up against you, there is an increased probability of winning the secondary prizes many of which go unclaimed but are often worth millions of dollars themselves.

You can’t win if you never try, right?

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