July 23, 2018

Between a “lying” governor and a “violent aspirant” – Niran Adedokun

Between a “lying” governor and a “violent aspirant” – Niran Adedokun

Shebi I always argue that the citizenry should never get so comfortable as to imagine that they can take the words of any politician to the bank? That should not happen anywhere in the world but most especially in Nigeria where politics is essentially a function of the stomach of those who practice it. What a friend of mine describes as politics of guguru (pop corn) and puff puff.

Politicians can tell you any story just to convince you that they are the best for you, but when God will catch them, they get at each other throats and wash all their stinking linen before our very eyes.

That was what happened between Edo State Governor, Adam Oshiomole and aspiring returnee Bayelsa State Governor, Timipre Sylva this past week. Oshiomole who has lately become Nigeria’s number “catcher” of bad people – thieves, mis-managers of resources, financial manipulators, money launderers and now sponsors of hoodlums, told the media that the aspirant sponsored the scuttling of the gubernatorial primaries which the All Progressives Congress sent him to Yenogoa to supervise.


Oshiomole alleged that Sylvia colluded with the Bayelsa State police command to undermine his committee and that as far as his committee was concerned no primaries held in Bayelsa on that day. He even alleged that Sylvia threatened his life, an action which compelled him for help from Abuja.

Hear the outspoken governor: “When it became clear that our lives were under threat, I had to call Abuja to prevail on the Joint Task Force (JTF) to provide me with security to enable me leave the venue of the primaries because thugs had effectively blocked the gates under the instructions of Mr. Sylva.”

Sylva however fired his own salvo the next day. A statement issued by his Media Adviser, Doifie Bukoribo, contemplated no euphemisms in calling Oshiomole a liar.

The statement said: “It is unfortunate that people like Adams Oshiomhole, the governor of Edo State and former president of the Nigeria Labour Congress, who PRETEND (emphasis mine) to be INCORRUPTIBLE (emphasis mine. Wondering what Sylva knows.), would conduct himself in the manner in which he did in relation to the Bayelsa State governorship primary. Oshiomhole should not tell lies, if I was not there, contrary to his insinuation that I rented thugs to manhandle him, the crowd would have manhandled him. I personally accompanied Oshiomhole to the gate when he was going to eat…”

Wow! Thinking about it, I reached that conclusion that nothing more need be said on this matter. Except maybe just to say that in the warm up to the general elections just a few months ago, these fellas who just tore one another’s sparkling adornments into shreds paraded themselves as some of the most progressive Nigerians. I doubt if anything has changed though. Tomorrow these guys will still mount the stage and throw preachments at us being confident in Nigerians’ propensity to forget in a hurry. Even if we do not forget, allegations of lying and sponsorship of thugs do not really detract from progressive politics in this clime, do they?

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