May 23, 2018

Discussing Abiodun Kassim’s Band Aid

Discussing Abiodun Kassim’s Band Aid

The musical Band Aid, written and directed by Abiodun Kassim, holds for the last time on Sunday May 25th, 2014.

Cast of Band Aid
The Cast of Band Aid

The play follows an all-male musical trio as it becomes involved with Ivie, a friendly neighbour. Ivie challenges her friends to record commercially and overcome their initial failure as expressed by bandleader Femi, “We tried, we failed, I take that as a sign.”


But even the carefree Ivie has scars of her own.


Featuring Adesua Etomi, Patrick Diawah, Tosin Gregory, David Olubanwo and stage veteran Victor Oshinaike, the musical has held over three Sundays, and in that time has received ecstatic word of mouth reviews on social media.

Scenes from Band Aid

It is easy to see why: Band Aid works despite a preachy third act and an initially shaky chemistry between the female lead (Etomi) and the boys (Diawah, Gregory, Olubanwo.) The script is poignant in parts but maintains a general hilarity.


Pop songs like Jason Mraz’s I’m Yours, Rihanna’s Stay and a spare interpretation of Davido’s Aye peppering the play adding a layer of familiar enjoyment, and should please pop music lovers.


Get physical tickets to Band Aid at Terra Kulture, Quintessence.


Tickets can also be purchased online at:

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