March 18, 2019

Abobaku changes name to Tanfeku – Toni Kan’t

Abobaku changes name to Tanfeku – Toni Kan’t

It was some minutes past 11pm and I was already dozing off when my phone rang.
“Is this sabinews?”the deep well fec voice on the other side asked.
“Can I speak to Kanu? “
“You mean Kan?”
“Yes o. “
“Speaking sir, ” I said.
“My name is Abobaku, ” he said and the sleep cleared from my eyes.

“Good evening,  sir.  How are you,  sir. “
“I am fine and as you can hear I am not dead.  I want to give you a story. I like sabinews because I used to read your column in Hints magazine.  Shit and stuff abi ki lo’n ti pe? “
“Yes,  sir.”
“Ahh,  you are shocked. You think Abobaku does not read.  I watch CNN every morning.  As the King does so do I.”
“So,  why are you refusing to to die with the King.? ” I asked searching for my tape recorder.
“Die with the King ke!   You think to die is an easy something? Please listen to me let me tell you why I called o jare. Are you ready to listen? “

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“Yes sir. “
“Good.  I want to announce a name. Help me tell the world that I have changed my name from Abobaku to Tanfeku because I cannot come and go and die just like that.”
(If you believe this you are on loooooooong thing! )

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