January 22, 2018

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About 200 feared dead as migrant boat sinks off Libya

About 200 feared dead as migrant boat sinks off Libya

Hundreds of people are feared to have drowned after a boat packed with migrants sank off the coast of Libya, trapping many in the hold. Around half of the 400 people on board are believed to have died when the boat capsized, having set off from the western town of Zuwara.

The Libyan coastguard had rescued an estimated 200 people from the water by late evening, according to a security official in the town, of which 147 were taken to a detention centre for illegal migrants in Tripoli.Around 100 bodies have reportedly been found, with dozens more still unaccounted for.

Those on board had travelled from sub-Saharan Africa, Pakistan, Syria, Morocco and Bangladesh, before setting off to brave the perilous journey across the Mediterranean. Read more


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