Accelerate TV launches new YouTube history series

Accelerate TV launches new YouTube history series

Wednesdays will no longer be the same at noon as Accelerate TV plays up Nigerian history in new series, ‘We’re Never Going To Make It’. The new YouTube series is considered a necessary inclusion in today’s myriad of web-based shows. The three-minute-long episodes were created to educate young Nigerians on history including details about people, events, cities and more.

WNGTMI for short, features two housemates, J.T (Elo Ogbolu) and A.J (Adebukola Oladipupo). A.J reveals random fun facts about the history of Lagos. While J.T is the outgoing one, his nerdy housemate A.J is almost always buried in a book or on her phone digging up historical tit bits.

The series, which airs every Wednesday on Accelerate TV’s YouTube page, was created by Seyi Babatope, written by Odenike Babatope and produced by Jite Ovueraye and Bolanle Olosunde.

History is indeed an important part of human existence. Without knowledge of what happened in the past, it is impossible to move forward or do better than our predecessors. Every day, we see why history plays a crucial role in shaping today – Martin Luther’s dream became Barack Obama’s reality, Chinua Achebe’s unequalled writing style influenced Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s literary prowess. There are so many other examples.

See the first three episodes below:




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